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Internationale Aktion gegen die Beschneidung von Mädchen und Frauen e.V.

Coordination in Africa

Our consultant Toussaint N’Djonoufa works together with four other staff members in their office in Cotonou, Benin. Mr. N’Djonoufa has been working for (I)NTACT since 1998. All staff members regularly engage in field trips to our project regions. They do not only control and coordinate activities but also support partners during problems. Together with the local NGOs, they develop convincing strategies to fight FGM and adapt them to the local context.


Our staff in Africa:

Toussaint N’Djonoufa: regional coordinator, working for (I)NTACT since 1998.

Blaise Adanvoessi: projects in Benin, Senegal and Togo

Raymond Hounsa: projects in Burkina Faso and Ghana

Damien Yossi and Boris Kossohou: accounting department

Our current project partners

(I)NTACT aims at long-term collaborations with partners.

Currently we work with the following organizations:

: FP-B

Burkina Faso: Soutong Nooma, Khoolesmen, Yénimahan, RJSZ, AJDRB

Ghana: Bewda, Tudridep, Cavnet, Banman

Senegal: USU

Togo: Tama’de, Kpaal n Paag, Orepsa, Gausen-Dip, Addmir